Rachel Stuck

Research Projects

Research Projects

Sonification Laboratory


Understanding Technology Categorization

The goal of this project is to gain insights into how people categorize various technologies by using multidimensional scaling, individual differences scaling, and multidimensional unfolding. Role: Project Lead


Human-Automation Trust 

This project seeks to identifying behavioral measures of trust by reviewing the behavioral measures of human-automation trust that have been used in research. Project Lead.


Older Adult and Human or Robot Care Provider Trust

The goal of this project was to increase knowledge of what older adults’ perceive as supporting trust in both human and robot care providers. Role: Project Lead

I developed the study materials (semi-structured interview script, 4 questionnaires), lead recruitment, conducted 3 subject matter expert interviews, interviewed 24 older adults, developed coding scheme, and qualitatively coded interviews.  


Aging Concerns, Challenges, & Everyday Solution Strategies (ACCESS) Study

This is an RERC TechSAge team project. This project explores the challenges older adults with vision, hearing, or mobility impairments have with everyday activities. We are interested in understanding what the challenges are and how they manage these challenges as they age.

I assisted with the development of materials (1 script and 1 questionnaire), screened potential participants, and conducted 27 structured interviews.



This is an RERC TechSAge team project, in collaboration with the University of South Carolina.  The first focus of project was to gain insight into the attitudes and acceptance of telewellness technology by older adults with disability. Currently researchers are seeking to identify potential benefits and concerns of remote exercise instruction as well as identify key components of remote exercise instruction.

I assisted with the development of materials (1 interview script, 2 questionnaires),  conducted 5 subject matter expert interviews, developed coding scheme, and qualitatively coded 7 interviews.                                                                                 



The focus of this project is to develop an app for tablets to promote social connectedness in older adults.

I helped develop content for the app, assisted in materials testing, assisted in screening participants, administered baseline, and conducted tablet training for older adults.


Beam Presence for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

This focus of this project is to explore the possibilities of the Beam used by CCRC employees, and what requirements are needed for it to be acceptable in a CCRC community.

I assisted with methodology development, recruited CCRC's employees to participate in the study, developed facility and participant contact forms, and helped collect data collection.

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Ms. Ann Robot Teaching Assistant

The focus of this project is to use the NAO robot to assist in teaching and learning for K-12 students lead by Karina Liles.

I developed participant contact forms, tested the programming to find glitches, and assisted with methodology development.